Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Who Is In The House? - Song and Guessing Game {ESOL/ESL}

When we were in kindergarten, teaching a foreign language was done mainly through repetition of certain words. This made English seem boring and uninteresting. Nowadays, however, we teach English through songs and stories, games and riddles, making learning a foreign language easier and enjoyable.

Using songs in the classroom offers a lot of benefits, such as:
  • they help learners become familiar with certain English sounds and their correct pronunciation;
  • through songs, children are able to learn words as they are used in context, not just isolated;
  • songs develop children’s memory, by using rhythm;
  • action songs help develop children’s gross motor skills;
  • songs make the whole experience an enjoyable one – children don’t think of learning English as “work” they “have” to do.
I wrote this very easy song so I can teach my pupils characters from stories: boy, girl, queen, king, princess, and witch. It comes with stick puppets that you can print and laminate and then use to play the guessing game described in the printable. I hope your kids will enjoy it! :)


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