Sunday, 28 June 2015

Water Displacement Experiment for Kids

This is one of the easiest experiments you can do with kids in kindergarten. It’s great, because you probably already have all the things that you need for it. In addition, the kids get actively involved and see what water displacement and volume mean.

What you’ll need:
  • marbles, but you can use stones or any other objects that sink;
  • we used a sticker on the jar to indicate the initial water level, but a marker can be used to draw a line;
  • a clean transparent plastic container or a jar (if you use glass, be sure to keep an eye on the kids when they place the objects inside).

What to do:
  • we filled our container half with water;
  • we marked the level of the water on the container with a small sticker;
  • we started placing the marbles in the water and then monitored the water level.
To make it even more fun for the kids, you can place a small toy animal on the container and tell them that the animal is thirsty and that it needs some water. Ask the kids to help you place objects into the water.


  1. Brilliant blog post! Have pinned it to my Science board!

  2. Thank you! I forgot to mention that it would be better to use different sizes of stones, marbles, and other objects, because then the kids will understand the notion of volume. The bigger the object, the more the water rises.