Saturday, 13 June 2015

Classroom Decorations for the Whole Year

I've always found it really useful to have numbers, letters, shapes and seasons on the walls in the classroom, because it’s easier to use the flashcards or posters during circle time.

There have been studies saying that children can't focus on what you are teaching if the walls are too busy: posters and photos on the walls may distract them, especially the younger ones. In an article on NBC News, “The Bare Walls Theory: Do Too Many ClassroomDecorations Harm Learning”, the author talks about the fact that highly decorated classrooms distract kids from what is being taught.

On the other hand, kids learn almost effortlessly from everything surrounding them. They are curious and always ask questions about what they see.

That’s why I find it useful to have some classroom decorations with my 3-4 year olds. For example, we now have numbers (1-5) and the four seasons. Soon we will add some basic shapes, such as square, triangle, and circle. The important thing is to hang on the walls only that what’s truly important and helpful.

Here are some classroom decorations I’ve made. You can purchase them from my TPT store.

Have a great weekend!

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