Thursday, 25 June 2015

A Great Bundle for Kindergarten Teachers and a GIVEAWAY!

Do you feel like the summer holiday is too short to be working on classroom d├ęcor, morning circle flashcards and charts? Then this bundle will be great for you!

It includes:
  • Alphabet mini-posters with animals;
  • Class helpers / jobs flashcards: pencil monitor, line leader, lunch monitor, paper passer, plant helper, calendar helper, morning circle helper, messenger, teacher’s helper, and some empty labels;
  • Class rules posters (1 rule per A5): we walk nicely, we clean up after ourselves, we share, we help our friends feel better, we play nicely with our friends, we raise our hands before speaking, we keep our hands and feet to ourselves, we listen to the teacher, and an empty frame + black and white versions, to use as colouring pages or mini-books;
  • Door sign: “Welcome to our class!”;
  • Morning circle calendar with suggestive labels for each month;
  • Days of the week flashcards;
  • Flashcards for six colors – with crayons and funny looking monsters;
  • Seasons Mini-posters – with cute owl images;
  • Weather flashcards: sunny, rainy, cloudy, stormy, windy, snowy, partly cloudy, flood, drought, blizzard, hurricane, tornado;
  • Weather wheel for young learners: sunny, rainy, cloudy, snowy;
  • Number Mini-posters: 1-20;
  • Shape Mini-posters: circle, square, triangle, star, pentagon, hexagon, oval, octagon, rectangle, rhombus, trapezoid;
  • Schedule cards: arrival, breakfast, playing outside, snack time, lunch time, nap time, story time, morning circle, music, small groups, English circle, art and crafts, show and tell, P.E., go home, science, birthday party, special activity, quiet activities, math, computer lab, recess, field trip, phonics, and other 8 labels with no writing;
  • Sticker charts;
  • “Who is here today?” chart and name tags;
  • Transitions and attention grabbers for kindergarten.
All resources in this pack have the same colourful backgrounds and frames, so they will make your classroom look great! I’m working on some centre labels, so keep an eye on Grumpy Dumpling’s new products. It will be a flash freebie!

 I'm giving this bundle to two lucky people who answer the following question: What else would you like to add to this bundle?

The winners will be announced next Monday, 29th June 2015, at 1.00 PM EST. 


My summer holiday will start next week!! As much as I love my job, I still can't wait for this holiday! We'll be busy traveling, so I might not write that many blog posts.

Have a great summer and enjoy the sunny weather!

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