Sunday, 31 May 2015

The Best, Most Awesome, Educative, and Fun Music CDs for Kids

I've mentioned Super Simple Learning in a lot of my posts and I truly feel that if you have a child, teach kindergarten, or teach English to speakers of other languages, their CDs are a great resource to have.

I’ve been teaching kindergarten for five years and I’ve used their songs with all of my kids. Even the ones who didn’t like dancing or who were a bit shy forgot about their insecurities and had fun while singing the songs. We sing them during transitions and routines (lining up, washing our hands, gathering on the floor for morning circle), when we need to move a little to get the wiggles out, when we have song circles, when we just have a couple of extra minutes before the next activity.

Their website has tons of free printables, flashcards, worksheets, and games that are perfect for the little ones. Also, something that’s really useful for English teachers, on the right side of the screen, there’s a SONG FINDER button that helps you browse songs by topic. Let’s say you want to teach food vocabulary, you just click on food in the drop down menu and all of their seven food related songs appear there. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Another great thing about the website is that for most of the songs they have a video (some of the best videos for kids I’ve seen so far! – brightly coloured and nicely animated), lyrics and actions, classroom benefits and additional activity ideas. And wait, that’s not all! Some of the songs have free flashcards to help you teach new vocabulary.

We usually play vocabulary games with the new words until the children have learned them, then teach the songs. I print and laminate small flashcards, then play “Hop on the Word”, “Which One Did I Hide?”, “Word Hopscotch”, “Word Twister”, “Word Hunt”, or other fun games.

Now I want to let you in on a little secret. Super Simple Learning is having a giveaway!

Super Simple Songs Animal CD Giveaway:
Would you like to win the Super Simple Songs – Animals DVD? This giveaway runs through 6/12 at 11pm Eastern Time. You can enter the giveaway by going to Pea of Sweetness blog!

For More Information about Super Simple Learning:
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