Friday, 15 May 2015

Songs and Teaching Ideas for Colours

Throughout the first years of kindergarten, children will learn to recognize colours, by practising locating objects of a specific colour when asked, ordering objects of different colours into matching colour groups, comparing objects on the basis of characteristics and physical properties, such as color, shape, size, etc.

Also, by using water colours, markers, chalk, pencils, glitter, playdough, oil pastels, and paints for art and crafts, most of them will understand how primary colours mix to create other colours.

Colour is a basic concept that kids need to grasp, and that’s why Circle time is perfect for colour songs - routine helps kids memorize better. Here are a couple of songs that my kids enjoy:
The Colors Song
Sesame Street: OK Go - Three Primary Colors
Super Simple Songs: I See Something Pink 
Super Simple Songs: I See Something Blue

… (Red, red) is the colour I see,
If you’re wearing … (red) than show it to me,
Stand up and turn around (or “Stand up and give a bow”)
Show me your … (red) and then sit down.
(Unknown author)

Sometimes we have treasure hunts with coloured building blocks or plastic shapes, while singing I See Something Pink/Blue from Super Simple Learning.

If you have very young kids who just started learning English, you can also watch this episode from Gogo’s Adventures with English. It’s a funny show that teaches kids basic words and phrases in English.

Have fun and enjoy every day of teaching!

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