Friday, 15 May 2015

Soft Playdough Recipe (Cloud Dough)

I found this super simple recipe from kidsactivitiesblog and I wanted to try it right away! I’m very happy about the result. I added a couple more ingredients, but that’s just because I was in the mood to experiment. I’m pretty sure that the original recipe is awesome :)

Forget about ingredients that are difficult to find in the shop or measures that you have to modify – you just need 1 part hair conditioner and 2 parts corn starch. I added some food colouring and some glitter, but you can just leave it white. Also, I mixed in a spoon of cream of tartar, because it usually keeps the play dough from drying.

I stored the dough in a zip lock bag and took it to work the next day. My kids loved it! I’m going to make more with them.

Have fun!

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