Friday, 15 May 2015

Scoopers and Tweezers

I’ve just bought these handy scoopers and tweezers for kids and I couldn’t wait to use them :) They are great fine motor and pre-writing skills. The kids get to practice using their muscles to pick up small objects (pompoms, flashcards, pieces of dough, craft eggs, etc.).

However, I found the tweezers to be quite stiff for very young kids. Maybe they are a bit more suitable for preschoolers or older kids. However, they are versatile – you can use them for different games and activities (vocabulary games, different races, math games, etc.)

The scoopers are also great for working those hand muscles and also for developing scissors skills (how to hold scissors properly). They are great to use with our sensory table – while the kids play with water, soap, slime, flour, rice, etc.

Here are some colour and number recognition games you can play with them. You can download the free number flashcards here.

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