Friday, 15 May 2015

Playdough Balloons

Materials: 2 or more balloons, permanent markers, play dough

Age: any, depending on the activities you use them for

Instructions: Shove as much play dough as you can in the balloon. Ask the kids to help you, they will enjoy it! When you have enough play dough inside, tie a knot and draw a silly/hape/angry face on the balloon. You can use them to teach colours, shapes, feelings and play different types of games.

Game ideas: We have two square rugs of the same size in the classroom. Two kids had to walk on the margins of the rugs, while balancing the balloons on their heads. For the older pupils we had a more difficult task, balancing the balloons on their faces and on the back of their hands. The game can be played either individually, or in teams.

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