Friday, 15 May 2015

Movement Game: Up, Up, Down

Materials: a ball (a soft one, not too large), a “magic” wand, stickers

Age: 4-7 y.o.

Instructions: The children all stand in a circle. They start throwing a ball from one to another. If a child drops the ball, he has to pun one knee on the ground, and continue playing like that. If he drops it twice, he will put the other knee on the ground, as well. If he drops it three times, he will put one elbow on the ground and continue playing.

If a child is out of the game (when he has no hands left), he will be a referee/judge and supervise the game.

At the end, everyone gets a sticker for participating, if they played by the rules. The child who begins the game will be chosen with the “magic” wand and a funny rhyme.

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