Friday, 15 May 2015

Mother’s Day Card

I found this very cute idea on Miss Kindergarten Blog, while I was browsing ideas for Mother’s Day. I will make a similar card with my kids this year.

Materials needed: paper, buttons, foam letters, napkin, split pin, sequins, stamps, OR any other decorative things.

You just need to fold an A4 paper in half, then cut the handles and let the kids decorate the purses as they wish. I have very young kids in my group, but 4 y.o. can already cut the handles by themselves. The nice thing about this craft is that the kids can use different supplies to make an original card. They can paint, stick feathers, sequins, draw, stamp their name…the possibilities are endless.

I also made a flower out of a napkin, because I wanted to try and see what it would look like. Here are the steps for creating the flower.

Inside the card you can let the kids draw their mothers, write a message for them, stick a poem, or write a short interview about their mothers, whatever is appropriate for their age and skills..

I hope you like this idea! :)
Happy Mother’s Day!

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