Saturday, 16 May 2015

Fun Ways to Play and Learn with Playdough

There are endless ways of playing with play dough. My kids love it, because it’s something they can make from scratch, it’s soft and smells nice (if you put aroma oil, lavender, cinnamon, etc.), it’s something they can play with on their own, without any help from adults.

I love it because it helps me teach numbers, colours, shapes, letters and everything kids need to know before they go to school, but in a fun, enjoyable way. Here are just a couple of games and ideas to teach basic skills:
  • Selling ice cream - pretend play that helps with number recognition and social skills;
  • Using cutlery properly - you can teach kids table manners and how to hold cutlery properly;
  • Writing their name and saying how many letters there are in the name;
  • Fine motor skills and letter recognition;
  • Number recognition;
I hope you and the kids in your life will enjoy these activities! :)

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