Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Colours, Colours Everywhere

Some of the kids forgot English words after returning from the winter holiday and on top of that, we had new kids in our group. That’s why we decided to review basic colours.

Gogo took us to his own planet and taught us and his friends some colours. You can check this great Gogo’ Adventures with English episode here.

Also, we listened to a fun Super Simple song, called “I See Something Blue”. The video can be found here and the lyrics on their website. We also practised scissor skills by making these coloured bracelets. We just cut some straws in shorter pieces and then put them over the pipe cleaners of the same colour.

Tomorrow we’re going to have fun playing with coloured rice: we’re going to pretend we’re cooking and play some vocabulary games. Check the photos for some sensory play ideas.

I love teaching colours, because there are thousands of ideas for crafts, songs, games….anything you can think of. If you want to play some educational computer games about colours, be sure to check British Council Kids. The painting games that they have online are great! This one is suitable even for my 2-4 y.o. who have just started learning English.

Have a colourful week!

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