Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Halloween Resources, Freebies, and Fun Stuff

We are very excited about Halloween! A couple of days and we'll have the party! We're going to have a costume parade and have some fun activities!
If you still haven't decided what to do with the kids this year, here are some ideas:

  • Spider Ball Toss Game 
  • Tic Tac Toe with pumpkins (freebie coming soon!)
  • make play dough faces on pumpkins
  • paint ghosts, pumpkins, bats on the windows
    Nea, my awesome partner, made this village with adhesive black paper
  • make a Vampire Photo Prop – I had some IKEA cardboard boxes around the house, so I decided to paint this Dracula. I’m going to cut the face out and the kids will be able to take photos looking like a vampire. Our theme for this Halloween is Transylvania. Muhaha! 
  • Explore pumpkins by using them as playdough props, hull pumpkins to see what’s inside, use all senses to learn about pumpkins (taste baked pumpkins, touch the seeds, look at it, smell it when it’s raw and when it’s baked), paint with them, do all sorts of experiments. Here’s a resource that might come in handy when learning about pumpkins: Exploring Pumpkins: Coloring Pages and Task Cards {Pre-K, K, 1st}. This resource contains some coloring and tracing pages and a mini-book about pumpkins (with and without tasks, C and B&W versions). Please check the preview for more information.
  • My kids love mazes – especially when we use dry-erase markers! Here are some printable Halloween Mazes, Tangles, and Paths {Different Difficulty Levels}. This resource contains 77 mazes (C and B&W) in different difficulty levels. I created both C and B&W versions, to better suit your needs. I printed the color mazes and paths without the name on the top right corner for the hallway. I laminated them and stuck them on the wall with some blue tack. While waiting to wash their hands, the kids can do something fun. So far, these have kept them busy. Apart from candy corn, lollipops, and chocolate bars, the cute characters can go looking for apples and bananas. Please download the preview for more information.
  • Halloween Monster Number Posters {1-10} - small number posters (A5) with cute and colorful monsters. They are great for practicing counting with your young learners.
  • Halloween Memory Game {With and Without Text} - flashcards that can be used as a memory game or just images to teach Halloween vocabulary through games.
  • Halloween Board Game - this is a board game that helps kids learn some Halloween related words: jack o'lantern, witch hat, candy, monster, fingernail, autumn.
  • Flip Book with Colourful Monsters - lowercase letters - You can use this flip book to teach colours and practice cutting. :)
  • Worksheets with Monsters - Tracing and Number Recognition - two worksheets and a game. 
  • Roll and Color Monster Game - this is an easy and fun game that helps practice number recognition. 
  • Free 2 Piece Puzzles With Pumpkins {Color and Shape Recognition} - an autumn freebie that your 2-5 y.o. might enjoy. 
I hope you like these ideas and resources!
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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Transitions and Attention Grabbers Before Naptime {Kindergarten}

If you’ve ever worked in a kindergarten, then you know that transitions and attention grabbers are life-savers! When kids go wild (and they will, no matter what you do, because let’s face it, they’re kids!), you need to have a trick up your sleeve – or more, because most of the time the first one won’t work. :)

When finishing an activity and going to the next one, when play time is over and kids need to clean up, or when you need to get the kids lined up, then you can use transitions. Here are a couple of printable posters with transitions – we use them after we have lined up, to get the children quiet and calm before they go take a nap. I hope you’ll find them useful!

Click on the image to download the freebie
Click on the image to download the freebie

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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Potatoes - Aren't They Great?

This week we learned about potatoes. Aren’t they just amazing?! You can use them for so many activities (everything from science to painting) and in so many dishes!

Here are some suggestions of activities that involve potatoes:
· Get a raw potato and a boiled one. The children need to use their senses to find differences and similarities between them: they can smell them, touch them, weigh them, taste them, try to peel them, cut them to see what the inside feels like, etc. You can do this with sweet potatoes too.
· Talk about potatoes in general, where they come from, where they grow, how we eat them, what they look like.
· You can grow a potato: try this sweet potato experiment – it’s very easy to set up, and very educational.
· You can play a version of “Hot potato”, the popular party game: the children gather in a circle and pass the potato to each other while music plays. When the music stops, the player who has the potato in his hand needs to put one knee on the floor. The game continues as before. If the same player has the potato twice, then he needs to put the other knee on the floor too. Then an elbow/a hand. After that, the player is eliminated. Play this game until it is fun for the kids.
· Paint with potatoes. You can easily paint owls by cutting a potato in half, then cutting a small triangle from one side, so it looks like the ears of an owl. Apples, pumpkins, jack o’lanterns are also very easy to paint using potato stamps.
· Sing “1 Potato, 2 Potatoes” from Super Simple Learning – it’s the perfect song for very young learners. You can also use it to introduce plurals. I made these potatoes to teach the song (I didn’t have the time to make them with the kids, but I would have done that), practice counting, and play some games.

First, we sang the song while counting the potatoes and putting them in the basket. Then, each child got one potato and a number, and they had to place their potatoes in the basket while I sang the song. Then, just for fun, I hid all potatoes throughout the room, while they had their eyes shut, then they went searching for them. They never get bored with hiding games!

I will try to add more ideas soon, but now I’m off to bed. I’m very tired and tomorrow I have to be well-rested: I’ll take the kids to the forest. :)

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Fruit and Vegetable Mazes {Freebie}

Our boss had a very nice idea: she laminated a couple of worksheets and put them on the wall in the hallway. That way, when the children wait in line to go to the toilet, they can do something engaging and fun. Now they neither get bored, nor they fool around.

I created these mazes with the same purpose. The kids use their finger to solve each maze. You ca download them for free by clicking here or on the photo.